Growth Opportunity Analysis

Please respond candidly to the questions below. Hopefully you find the questions thought provoking. Your responses will be emailed to you with a comparison to others who have responded.
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Rate each item based on how true the statement is.
1 = rarely true, 2 = seldom true, 3 = neutral, 4 = somewhat true, 5 = mostly true
Employee Engagement Dimension
Employees in our organization trust that senior leaders are taking the organization in the right direction.
Employees in our organization are proud to work for our organization.
Employees in our organization have strong relationships with their supervisors.
Employees in our organization feel valued for who they are, not just what they do.
Experience Innovation Dimension
Our organization proactively analyzes the trends that our customers are experiencing.
When customers interact with our organization through technology (website, phone, email) they feel a personal connection.
Employees in our organization are strong representatives of our organization's brand wherever they go.
People love to work at our organization.
In our organization, everyone is expected to continuously improve themselves.
Our organization flexes to accommodate work schedule and location preferences as long as people get the job done.
Strengths Dimension
People who work in our organization demonstrate powerful people skills.
People who work in our organization are inspiring presenters.
Leaders in our organization build others toward their potential.
Leaders in our organization build the organization for the future.
People in our organization responsible for "selling" are highly effective.
Our organization's customers experience amazing service from us.
Our organization is highly functioning.
Growth Dimension
Our organization performs better than other organizations.
The answers to the questions on this assessment would be consistent regardless of who in our organization was answering.
I am interested to learn more about how a coach or development process might help our organization in the areas on this assessment.