Growth Opportunity Analysis

Please respond candidly to the questions below. Hopefully you find the questions thought provoking. Your responses will be emailed to you with a comparison to others who have responded.
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Rate each item based on how true the statement is.
1 = rarely true, 2 = seldom true, 3 = neutral, 4 = somewhat true, 5 = mostly true
Connection Dimension
I avoid negativity.
I give frequent and candid appreciation.
I can be vulnerable when appropriate.
I ask a lot of questions and listen.
I remember what other people care about.
Cooperation Dimension
I avoid arguments.
I quickly admit when I'm wrong rather than being defensive.
I let other people do more of the talking.
I work hard to understand people's perspectives.
Collaboration Dimension
I make it safe for other people to fail.
I appreciate people for where they are rather than where I think they should be.
I am an encourager.
Strengths Dimension
I demonstrate powerful people skills.
I am an inspiring presenter.
I build others toward their potential.
I can sell my ideas.
I provide amazing service to people who rely on me.
Growth Dimension
I am a high functioning person.
I perform better than most people in similar circumstances.
I am interested to learn more about how a coach or development process might help me in the areas on this assessment.